Meet Our Teachers

Triumph Music Academy is a musical collective. Our teachers, each professional musicians in their own right, teach you how to make music a part of your life.

James Hughes

Studio Director & Owner
Bass, Recording

Karisa Wilson

Voice, violin/viola, guitar, ukulele 

Mark Jackson

Head of Vocal Department
Pop Piano, Chording
Jazz, R&b, Pop, Musical Theatre

BRandon Hill

Drums, DJ, EDM Production

Jeremy VErwys

Classical / Punk / Rock / Classic Metal / Blues

Mike Dodge

Intermediate/Advanced Guitar, Technique - All styles

Chris Bota

Guitar, Beginner Piano

Chris Bursley

Guitar, Composition, Songwriting, intro piano

Brian Oberlin

Folk Classes, Mandolin

Hannah Laine

voice, piano, ukelele

Darius Pimpleton

Piano, Keyboard, Sax, Bass 

Kyle Thompson

Classical / Blues / Funk / Soul guitar

Kevin Jones

Hand Percussion, Afro-Cuban Drumming

Emily Grabinski

Head of the piano department

Peter Muszkiewicz

Drums #1, intro Piano, intro Guitar


Electric bass / Upright bass

Jordan Hamilton

Cello, group string classes

Amy Scholma



voice, piano, guitar