Student & Teacher Resources

Our staff regularly use these electronic tools, websites, and resources to conduct efficient lessons and assist students in gaining results. Check out these amazing links!

Fill out PDF forms online for FREE!

The internet’s best place to learn the fundamentals of music grammar and language. is the best place to get printable and customizable music paper for Fee! or

iReal Pro is hands down the best app for generating a play-along “band” from virtual chord progressions. If you’ve ever heard of Band in a Box, then this is the best alternative!

Need to learn 40 songs for your next gig, but don’t have all the recordings? Use FLVTO to convert YouTube videos to MP3’s for Free! If this does not work best for you, search ‘youtube to mp3’ and you’ll find many more like this.

Reaper is an amazing Free DAW (Recording/Production) multi-tracking software that is the top alternative to ProTools and Logic. It also comes with it’s own VST’s and plugins, plus there are a slew of tutorial videos on its website!

Our favorite community radio station, which is an incredible guide to eclectic sounds and local music artists. Tune into 88.1FM right now!

MuseScore is the best Free alternative to transcription/composition softwares like Finale and Sibelius!

Polish up on your sight reading skills with this amazing exercise generator for all instruments and skill levels.

Free online metronome that makes a great practice companion! Use the Legacy version, as it has a nicer tone.

The most accurate guitar/bass tab sight onlind! Free but the paid features are definitely worth it.

Free tool to tap out tempos to songs you are practicing, writing, or recording. Great little resource!

Transcribe! is the #1 app software for learning songs, parts, solos, or whatever! Drop in a sound file and slow it down, change key, isolate parts, or even tune the recording! This is not Free, though it is hands down the best investment a practicing musician can make – only $39 for the full version!

This is an incredible link to even more incredible links for musicians of all ages! Special thank to some amazing Junior Girl Scouts for passing this link on to us – thank you so much!

Need to make stage plots for your band’s upcoming gigs? This Free Stage Designer is easy to work with and plots can also be downloaded to PDF under the print option.

K-12 Teacher Resources for Band, Orchestra, & Choir

A massive list of links for teachers, parents, and students alike that is unmatched by anywhere else on the net!