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If you are new to Triumph and have questions, please fill out the Inquiry Form.

Most communication is done through email @ Triumph, answering with 24 hours.

If you would like to leave a voice message: +1 (616) 454-2934
*phone messages are automatically forwarded to the Assistant Studio Manager and are returned within 24 hours.

How to Find Us:

Our school is nondescript from street-view (no signs), located on the NW corner of Wealthy St. & Diamond Ave. Our main entrance is actually behind the building, accessible by our parking lot off of Diamond Ave, through a glass door inlet where the two sides of the building meet, like an ‘L’ shape. The waiting room is located up the stairs, on the second floor, in Room 200, where we will meet you within 5 minutes of your appointment time. See you there!

Location Perks:

Triumph’s location is not only beautiful, it is full of life in the bustling Uptown Business District. If you are a parent or student, take advantage of the amazing perks right in our building! Enjoy coffee, tea, wine, beer, cheese, and charcuterie in a gorgeous atmosphere @ SQUIBB! Order a delicious pizza from Toppers or schedule a massage from Urban Massage – all right in between the two floors of Triumph!

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